5 Content Marketing Mistakes You Might Be Making

//5 Content Marketing Mistakes You Might Be Making

5 Content Marketing Mistakes You Might Be Making

Most marketing experts claim that blogging is critical to business success. I say, while blogging establishes rapport, the end goal is sales. Blogging is a technique that can convert visitors into customers.

Are you blogging but not seeing results? You’re doing it wrong. Yes, consistency is critical. Beyond that, make sure your marketing strategy makes sense.

Here’s a short list of marketing mistakes found in most blogs.

  1. Be Original

Blogging is all about showcasing you and your business. Make it your own! Most blogs are boring and bland. They have no personality.  Your blog must stand out from the masses. Luckily, it’s not that hard. Most blogs mimic the titles and content that they have seen elsewhere.  Find stories, topics, or perspectives that are original and unique. Then add your spin.

  1. Don’t Try to Get Married on the First Date

Good blogs convert readers to buyers.  But this isn’t direct response advertising. Don’t just pitch your products and services. People don’t want that. They read your blog to solve a problem. Connect with your customers first. Communicate that you understand their needs and desires, better than anyone else. Sales will follow.

  1. Are People Sharing Your Content?

So you are creating amazing, original content that your readers love. Can they share it with their friends?  Good blogs have clear, visible options for social media sharing so your readers can get the word out.

  1. Wrong Audience

Are you in love with your market or your business? Your target audience should be your ideal customer. Have you created a customer profile for the person reading your post? Are you talking to them in your blogs as well as your advertising? If you are reaching people with your blog, but they won’t buy your products, you need to change up your approach.

  1. You Have the Wrong Promotion Strategy

Finally, writing amazing content consistently is the key to success. But, make sure you’re reaching your potential customers and showcasing what’s great about your company in a personal, helpful way. Continual promotion is the long game. It’s not a one-time event. Leverage social media, readers and past customers for opportunities to share your content.

Content marketing is the way of the future when it comes to marketing your brand. If you do it right, you will see those sales.

Blogging is about communications. Understand and speak to your customers, better than your competition. Blogging this way will generate customers for life.

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