Branding Process
  • Executive Team Interview

  • Gap Analysis

  • Brand Messaging Preparation

  • Mission, Vision and Value Statement Creation

  • Brand Recognition Execution

  • Case Studies Preparation

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • Blog Creation

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Branding Services
  • Logo Design

  • Stationery and Collateral Design

  • Brand Guidelines

  • Corporate Messaging and Positioning

  • Press Releases

  • Trade Shows

  • Print and Digital Ads

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Brand Audit

We will go through a series of questions to determine the important factors such as how to unseat competition and win mindshare.  This is a critical step in the branding process.

Brand Perception

Who is your competition? How does your brand stand up to the competition? By measuring where your brand stands, we can define what is vital to build your brand for the future.  Our team then develop the messaging and framework with data from the audit stage.

Brand Implementation

With our research and your brand expectations, we conceptualize and design a logo that will create a connection with your target market and demographic to encourages action.  Implementation of the brand includes deliverables such as a logo, website, messaging, business cards, and more.

Brand Strategy

After brand implementation, we will work with you on the overall strategy to fully utilize your brand assets. We work with you and develop a marketing strategy that propagates your brand into the market through venues such as SEO, social media, blog posts, case studies, and video.

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