BGI Tech Group’s goal is to be the leading technology and marketing company that provides solutions and services to the cabinetry industry in North America. BGI Tech Group was founded based on the deep understanding of the challenges of running a small business. When a group of cabinetry professionals from many different areas of the cabinetry industry started to provide cabinets to wholesalers, resellers, and independent contractors over a decade ago, they quickly realized they would rely on technologies to manage supply chain, order fulfillment, sales support, warranty and delivery. To reach the broadest customer base, they also needed a robust online presence and marketing strategy.

When you start a small business, it is a full time job and you are busy running your day to day operations. Most of the time, you will not have time to think about the details that will help you increase your sales volume and boost your profit. These activities include designing and development a website, having the ecommerce capability, cost effective marketing strategy and efforts such as advertisement placement, social media presence, search engine optimization, email marketing and other activities that boost your revenue.

When your business starts to grow, the original tools you utilize such as simple spreadsheets, QuickBooks cannot handle your vendors, forecast, order management, and warehouse management, as more products are introduced, demands are growing, and more staffs are hired.

At BGI Tech Group, we understand these challenges and that is why we assembled a team with expertise on practical technologies to help our customer base to grow their business.

We do this because we know that the cabinetry industry is a $40 billion industry in North America. We love helping our customers’ companies grow so that they can have a larger piece of the pie. Whether you just started your business or need a hand pushing your business to the next level of your revenue target, BGI Tech Group can assist you in the specific area so that you can just focus on running your business.

We Treat Each Project With Dedication and Deliver With Pride.

 The Right Solution With Tailored Services

We started as a small business so we understand the pain points to grow a business. We have experts with deep understanding on everything related to cabinetry, and worked with companies big and small. We have the right solution for you and we can tailor our service to work for you. Guaranteed.

What We Offer

Quality Leads

Quality leads will improve sales conversions

Generate Quality Leads

With deep analysis and robust funnel creation, we will help you generate more quality leads.

Sales Conversions

Improved sales conversions will generate revenue.

Improve Sales Conversions

Without conversion, there will be no sales. You need healthy traffic and quality leads.


Revenue is everything when you deliver quality products

Increase Your Revenue

With improved sales conversion rate, you will generate more revenue.

Cabinet Industry Revenue
Potential Customers

Meet Our Gurus, Your Partners to Success.

Nabil A.
Nabil A.Web Development
Nabil is the web development guru. Modern, responsive and user friendly are the fundamental principles he adheres to when designing and developing websites for our clients. He is well versed with the latest technologies, from PSD to XHTML/CSS, WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, and PHP.
Patricia M.
Patricia M.Client Services
Patricia is our face when it comes to customer service. She has the ability to build productive relationships, resolve complex issues and win customer loyalty. She is also an accomplished writer, editor and communicator who identifies trends and promotes media presence. She is the voice for our customers.
Matt M.
Matt M.Marketing Guru
Matt has 7+ years experience working with various sized businesses. Always forward thinking and constant learning the latest digital marketing tools and methods. Areas of expertise include Search Engine Optimization and Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing Strategy.

We Help Clients All Through North America.

We Pride Ourselves On Creativity, Innovation & Collaboration.

We listen to you and understand your needs. We then start the creative process and collaborate with you throughout the entire process. It’s your business and we are here to help you succeed.


Backed up by our collective experiences, we will use our imagination and come up original ideas specifically for you.

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Consumers are shopping more online. We follow the technology trends closely and integrate the latest innovations in our solutions.

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It’s your business. We are your technology and marketing partner in creating successes and helping you generate more revenue.

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We’re Here To Help Your Business Take Flight!

Through Creative Ideas, Innovation and Close Collaboration

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